Learn the 6 Steps to Monetize your know-how in this Multi-Million Dollar Online Education Space.

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Take your Knowledge and Expertise out of your Head and Help your TRIBE find you.​


You only need THREE parts to come together, to crack this Business Code.


Yes, just these three… In order for you to Craft. Communicate. Convert, we need to get your MESSAGE out. The message that is So Authentic to you. So very Aligned with you. Very much showcasing your Expertise.

Even though you DO NOT consider yourself an Expert (even if  you’re super awesome in what you do), Ask yourself, “Can I help someone go from their A—> B?”.. If the answer if YES (even faintly, we need to work together!)

✨What if I told you that making your $10K Months is totally possible… 
✨What if I told you that you CAN commercialise what you know… 
✨What if I told you that all you need is to Discover your Zone of Expertise. Unpack Your Zone of Expertise. Commercialize your Zone of Expertise
✨✨✨What if I told you that I have helped Women Entrepreneurs in this amazing  journey… 
✨✨✨✨What if I also told you that you’ll start seeing  REAL results.. and you’ll be surprised to see what’s been hidden in your awesome HEAD… 

💖Too good to be true💖???

Well, there are some amazing results my students have gained, and I certainly cannot deny that…

Working with Lydia has made a massive difference to my business, in just in the first 4 weeks.

My Workshops have started filling up, I’ve got back to back Speaking Gigs, My Videos have got awesome reach, I’ve launched three Online
Courses, and many more opportunities that have come in search of me…

The recent highlight is that, I’ve a $3997 course, that I’ve launched last week.

I would’ve never thought I could do it…

I’m now confident and clear about the message that I want to bring to my ideal clients.

I’m thankful I found you,

  • Those who want to be in Business in the long-haul,
  •  Those  ones who love love love their business, 
  • Those who have a REAL solution for someone’s problem
  • Those ones who have an idea that they’d love to make it into a coaching/ consulting/ service based business. 
  • Those ones who are 100% 💎committed to taking action, ones who have a necessity to succeed in life.
  • Not for anyone who doesn’t have a knowledge on solving a problem for others 
  • Not for anyone who wants to just make quick money online 
  • Not for someone who cannot add massive value to their students 
  • Not for someone who doesn’t understand investing in self and in business.

More than 99% Women Entrepreneurs start their side hustle with endless passion, desires and goals.
I was dreaming of making that that I so deserve. I was desperate to how myself that I can DO this.
Coaches, Consultants, Mentors, Authors, 💎Speakers, Online Service Based Businesses, Social Media Managers.

Which profession  can I add value to?

Who is it NOT for?

Last check if it’s for you… 

Anyone who’d like to learn or fine-tune  their Business Basics of Getting Clients Through their Words is my client. Without this skill, you’ll be running a very very💎 expensive hobby, not a business.

I want to help 10,000💎 Business Women to achieve their Business Goal. I am pumped to do this with you…

If you’d like to apply for this opportunity, click here… I’d like to see if we’re a good fit before I choose to onboard you… 

Let’s Do This… 

If you’re someone who’d love to be mentored by Lydia, just hit me up with a reply “I want my Biz to Hit $10K” and let’s take the first step… I’d love to send you more info… 

Cos, your Business deserves it! Amd YOU too (of course..💖.)

They start with so much fuel in their tank, and they get caught up in many things that hinder their success. They start doing the things they think “they need to do” and there goes their never-ending to-do lists…

It starts with a website, grows to blogs, social media posting, and ends up all the way in freebies, landing pages, and every technology that can bring clients and income to you.

I did the same. I was one of these Women Entrepreneurs. Can you believe I did this for about 2 years? Then, what happened?

I was almost about to pull the last straw and just give up. My frustration was that I was doing EVERYTHING and yet NO RESULTS.

I wanted to feel satisfied by serving my clients.

lydiab IMG 6027

 Did I throw my towel in and walk away? I was almost about to… I started applying for jobs. Now, you can imagine where I really was.

But, I wanted to give my business ONE last chance.I DECIDED to change my game plan. I drew the line in the sand. I changed the way I communicated my value. I was determined to work less and earn more. I knew that the new road map was being birthed in me…

I CRAFTED. I CONNECTED. I CONVERTED with my ideal clients. I followed my formula that had the brand new action plan…

Did it work? Hell, yeah!!!! I started implementing with my clients, and it WORKED!
I love this extract from Peter Drucker:

“Every few hundred years throughout Western history, a sharp transformation has occurred. In a matter of decades, society altogether rearranges itself —its world view, its basic values, its social and political structures, its arts, its key institutions. Fifty years later a new world exists. And the people born into that world cannot even imagine the world in which their grandparents lived and into which their own parents were born.”

Peter Drucker was 100% true in what he said. I believe we live in a time of transition to a new transformation. Yes, we sure do.

One of my clients said to me last week that “Now, I am excited to craft my content, because it has started giving me new visibility already”. How amazing is that?

I am super thankful to be hearing these from my ladies. It just fills me.. Ahhh.

What fills you? If it’s more clients, just reach out to me here! I’m happy to hand-walk you till you 
get the $$ Results!
These are some of the problems that Women Entrepreneurs face.. 

  • They Allow imposter syndrome to take over
  • They Believe in their “I’m NOT good enough….”
  • They Bury their message under the carpet 
  • They Forget that they were meant to do greater things 
  • They Lose their Message

All you need is to 
Unpack your Expertise. 

This is a SAD reality. And it breaks my Heart.. 

Commercialize your Expertise.
By doing this, you’ll be laying your foundations of your message.

Discover your Expertise. 

Then, you’ll be able to Craft. Communicate and Convert to make that $10K Months a Reality!

What can you expect from this FREE call?

What I achieved in 1 year can be done in the 6 weeks, if I can hand walk you…


  • Lydia helped me position myself as the Expert in my industry of Confidence Coaching. I am now creating amazing content that produces Results, with ease.
  • If you’re thinking of taking Lydia’s help to sell your high-value packages, I’d highly recommend you do so, now
  • I have finally moved from being overwhelmed in creating engaging content to easily crafting messages, that got me a lot of leads. All this happened in just 1 day of joining Lydia’s program.
  • Lydia’s formula to create $10K content just works like magic!
  • You should join her if you’re thinking of building a “results-based business”
  • “I was able to understand the missing piece in the puzzle of writing content that is highly wanted by my ideal clients.
  • Your energy and passion to help women entrepreneurs is so real, and I can see the results already in my business”

That’s the transformation people experience step by step working with me.



Because you deserve to shine.

You’re Running Out of Time!

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